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International Networks




The AIECE is in principle open to independent European Institutes involved in surveying economic conditions and developments and in short-term macroeconomic forecasting.

The main objective of the Association is to stimulate the exchanges between its members with a view to improve their insight into international economic development. This ranges from the exchange of statistical or institutional information to discussions on economic policy guidelines and common research activities.

The AIECE organises between its members an exchange of views, of information and of literature on international economic development, in particular in Europe. The Association provides the framework for joint activities of its members in areas of common interest.

The Association has a systematic exchange of the member Institutes' publications; a half-yearly exchange of data including forecasts; half-yearly meetings of three Working Groups: on international commodity prices, on world trade and on longer term prospects and structural changes; ad hoc working groups on topical subjects, and half-yearly plenary meetings centred around a general report on the European conjuncture.

Link: www.aiece.org




EUREN (for EURopean Economic Network) is a network of European economic Institutes. The creation of this network in 1999 aimed to improve the analysis of the European economy, in a context characterised by major institutional changes, especially the setting-up of the euro currency.

The main aims of this cooperation are:

To take a stance on economic topics of common interests, through specific publications. The existence of a network enables the results to be widely circulated;

To facilitate the exchange of expertise within the network by organising conferences and by publishing the studies on each institution's website, while reinforcing interaction between those websites

To initiate common research studies, or to take part in bids from large international organisations.

Link: www.euren-network.eu



project link

Project Link is a co-operative, non-governmental, international research activity, which integrates independently developed national econometric models into a global econometric model.  It provides a consistent framework for undertaking quantitative studies of the international economic transmission mechanisms and of the effects of international and national policies, developments and disturbances on the outlook for the world economy, and global economic integration in general.

LINK organizes two meetings per year; one at the various United Nations offices, the other one at various locations around the world. Meeting participants discuss the forecasts prepared with the LINK model, emerging world economic issues and trends as well as methods of global economic analysis. LINK is also a platform through which technical cooperation can be carried out to assist developing countries in improving capacity of macroeconomic policy analysis and formulation.

Link: http://www.un.org/esa/policy/link/

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