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Economic Forecast Center (CEPREDE in spanish language) begins in 1981 as a result of work of a group of professors from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the unconditional support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid and the University-Enterprise Foundation. Five years later in 1986, establishing the Economic Forecasting Center Association (CEPREDE in spanish).

The Association counts among its partners, private corporations, business associations and governments of the autonomous administrations.

CEPREDE is now a permanent Center for Economic Research, a reality created and shared by everyone, Sponsors, Founders, Partners and a group of university professors and researchers.

A reality which numerically is summarized in 28-year history, with more than 55 reports of prediction, continuous analysis of approximately 1,000 macroeconomic variables and 200 short-term indicators, permanent consultation with a panel of 96 experts, maintenance and updating of methodological reports, Construction sectoral models and participation through the Institute of Economic Forecasting "Klein LR" national projects Hispalink (Integrated Regional) and international LINK (United Nations), and EUREN and AIECE.

Otros proyectos de CEPREDE

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